UPDATE ON CHURCH CLOSURE: Our pastoral staff has had ongoing discussions with the Potomac Conference (PCSDA), ministerial leadership, and colleagues regarding the timing and protocols for re-opening churches.

Though we do not anticipate an immediate change to our current status of closure, on Tuesday, May 26, we are scheduled to meet with our Board of Elders and Church Board for our regularly scheduled meeting. At that time, we will share and review the protocols established by the CDC, the State of Virginia, Adventist Risk Management, and PCSDA. We will prayerfully determine the circumstances in which to make a gradual return to services while keeping the safety and protection of our members, ministry leaders and all who serve our congregation at the forefront of our discussion and consideration.

We love and miss each of you! We share our heart yearnings for the time when we will be able to come together once again in worship, ministry and fellowship. In the meantime, we continue to work diligently to bring the very best virtual experience possible to meet the interim needs of our church. We pray you have been and will continue to be blessed as we find new and improved ways to operate in the virtual space available to us. We are so grateful for the online ministry God already had in place. We are now learning how to leverage it all the more and provide more opportunities for you to invite family, friends and neighbors!

Looking forward to the soon return of our Lord and Savior!

The CPC Pastoral Staff