What a time to be alive!

It has become increasingly clear that the way we experience community and fellowship will be very different for the next few weeks. While this certainly presents very serious challenges for many, it also presents some awesome ministry opportunities. The Church was made for such a time as this.

Our Pastoral and Broadcast teams have partnered with our Sabbath School team in the development of “CPC Connect”, an initiative to meet the spiritual and social needs of our church family, and by extension, our growing online audience.

“CPC Connect” will serve as the title of our interactive online programming during this health crisis.

Over the next few weeks, we will engage our community online through virtual Sabbath School/Bible study sessions, led by our Sabbath School and Prayer Meeting facilitators, who will teach the day’s lesson, take prayer requests, and facilitate a key connection point during this time of uncertainty and social isolation.


Weekly programming

Friday Evening:

  • Devotional Thought and pertinent announcements as appropriate via video session by Pastor Hayes


  • Worship Service – Rebroadcast of prior services (9:15am and 12pm)
  • Interactive Sabbath School Study (via Zoom and live streamed on social media – 10:45-11:55am)

Monday Evening:

  • Bible Study (7-7:30pm)

Wednesday Evening:

  • Prayer Meeting  (7-8pm)


  • Members and guests can join/dial in via a Zoom Conference call using this link or via the sign in information attached.
  • A facilitator will lead the discussion, ask for prayer requests and take comments when deemed appropriate.
  • A moderator will engage with the audience in the “comment” section.


  • Via Zoom Conference call.  Helpful tutorials are available on their website for those needing assistance to understand the most pertinent parts of using Zoom.
  • Live-streamed sessions on our social media platforms reaching and engaging with a broader audience.


  • Immediately!  Devotional thought by Pastor Hayes to be sent via CCB email on Friday evening.
  • The first Sabbath School session will launch tomorrow morning, March 21 at 10:45 -11:55am.
  • Evening sessions will follow Monday, March 23 and Wednesday March 25 at 7pm.

We are excited for the unique opportunity to engage in this cutting edge ministry for such a time as this and pray that we are able to meet the needs of those who are crumbling under the pressures of these times — some facing or who have faced job loss while also adapting to unprecedented actions required of each of us to guard against becoming infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus and to mitigate the spread of it.


Keeping all of you in our prayers as we seek to ban together despite the distance between us.


CPC Pastoral, Sabbath School and Broadcast Teams