Experience meaningful transformation and become part of a community of changed people.


Here at the Community Praise Church, we believe that the best evidence for the power of the gospel is the evidence of changed lives. Whether through our adult or youth Sabbath School ministry, or our Wednesday evening teaching series, CPC provides teaching environments to encounter the power of the Word of God.

The Sabbath School ministry serves the entire congregation by engaging members in systematic Bible study in a relaxed yet engaging atmosphere.


Our CPC Deaconesses assist with baptismal ceremonies and communion services, visitation of our sick and shut-in, and coordination of several church activities.

According to Acts 6:1-7, the deacon is the chief servant of the church, dedicated to caring for the physical or temporal concerns of the church. These concerns include but are not limited to care for the sick, widows, and poor as well as caring for the church facility and its well-being, as stated in In 1 Timothy 3:8-20.

Elders serve the church body by providing “leadership from the middle”: bible-based guidance, platform presentation, and facilitation of bible studies.

Our Women’s Ministry exists to connect women to Christ, to women of other ages and stages, and to ministry service, so that together we grow in the faith, knowledge, and love of Jesus Christ.

The Men’s Ministry is designed to disciple and deploy men to live for Christ in their marriages, families, work, church, world, and personal lives.

The primary mission for Duets is to reinforce God’s original purpose for marriage, which is to teach us about His infinite love for us.